Post-convention review – Leprecon 41

Since I arrived in Arizona in May 2009, I have found a lot of gems are available in the vast Phoenix Valley for writers and artists. Leprecon is a local convention I try to attend as often as possible, as it is packed with great panels of information, and doesn’t require a long plane flight or expensive travel tickets for me. At the 41st year this year, I found it to be a lot of fun, as usual, and even dipped my hand into the fan club world, joining the Royal Manticore Navy, the fictional military world of the Honor Harrington series by David Weber. Ironically, I have at least 3 of the books at home but never dove into them, often being put off by hardcore science fiction that makes me feel like I’m in the wrong classroom when going in for my graduate school studies.
I love to talk with local authors and artists who share their stories as if they have known you for years and are meeting up with you in a coffee shop. These figures are often the best place to start for an inexperienced writers like myself, as they are not going to disappear because a Hollywood PR or their agent is looking over their shoulder to make sure they are not mobbed and get to their next appointment in time. Always utilize the talents out there especially before they get to that level of success, for then, time becomes are very hard item for them to hold onto.
I look forward to my return next year!


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Goals set in New Year

Greetings readers and writers! I am planning on going to my first writer’s panels for a very unique genre: anthropomorphic, or more commonly known as “furry” publishing on 14-18 January. I am attending my first con of the “fur” theme, called Further Confusion, out in San Jose, California. Looks to be a lot to inspire all types of artists, and I’m honored to know and follow a few of the artists that will be there.

My first project this year, aside from tinkering with some fan fiction for practice, is trying non-fiction. I’m being inspired by a great read right now, that of Stephen King’s “On Writing.” Despite the many movies I’ve seen on his works, I’ve only read one of his books. Many authors-in-training can only dream of having a name as legendary as King’s, but he is a great inspiration and shows it can be done. The books dives into his childhood years, and the pangs he dealt with growing into the craft. I have been told this is a must-read for many aspiring authors. More to come soon. Watch for posts at least monthly.


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Holiday reflections

Good day and I am glad to be back online in my reflective electronic journal we know as WordPress. I thank those that have been able to follow my blog so far, and I am planning on having much more activity as I plan ahead for 2015. So far, only two anthologies now carry my name, and I am avidly pursuing open calls, utilizing Facebook and other web sites. I plan to have a short story published at least quarterly starting in 2015, and will continue to work with the vast number of writers at all levels in the West Valley Writers group. To all those traveling, take time for yourself and keep your ideas strong and fresh. Happy holidays!

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The other side of the table

I have had a productive year so far in terms of convention attendance, as I made it to Phoenix Comic Con for the first time, and then to Origins in Columbus, Ohio, which I’ve been to about 6 times now. Both are definitely a geek cultural experience.

However, although I saw familiar sights at both, and I love my author friends dearly, it was hard all of a sudden to look at them as a “customer” and fan on the other side of their table, purchasing and having yet another book signed for me. It is about time I slowed down on the conventions and began writing my own works to be published. This is happening through a lot of research and looking at the “open calls for submission.” They are out there, on individual publishing web sites and also in Facebook groups. I even joined the Tumblr and Live Journal sites, beginning the long dormant networking process.

I will always be happy to read the books of my author friends, but it’s time to focus on me, and get my own resume of publications going. Anthologies will be the first step, and ultimately the novel. Good luck to those of you pursuing your own dreams. Keep in touch with those you know as writers, but stay on your schedule as well.

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Returning from Leprecon 2014

Good day readers and writers! I was able to attend the 3-day science fiction and fantasy convention titled Leprecon. I have been to this convention at least twice before and the local atmosphere is always welcome. Although I love big conventions, it is often too easy to get lost in the crowd and your plans to network can often get side-lined.

At Leprecon this year, I enjoyed a few writing panels on copyright and laws, publishing 101 in the new electronic age, and also writing for the more adult themed projects. I also had a chance to delve into a bit of theme for myself by getting an art commission done of myself in military gear alongside the semi-villian of the latest Captain America movie, who is known as the Winter Soldier.

My latest project is called “Priceless Gem” and it is going to be part of an anthology of erotica. This collection will be fantasy-themed, focusing more on dragons. It is a new test for me.

For my current project, I am working on a piece for the next anthology of my West Valley Writer’s group. Hopfully, it will be done by winter 2014. Best wishes and keep on writing to all of you!


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Returning from Assignment

Good day readers and writers. I’ve been off the grid for several months, serving in a desert a long way from home. While the work hours were long and time away from family hard, I am now in the latter stages of a short story that is more adult themed and involves dragons.

This blog will continue to focus on my writing projects and where you can view them once published. My genre continues to focus on urban fantasy and speculative fiction, with some horror and science fiction themes coming into play now and then. You will also hear about my experiences at writing conventions and those books and authors that teach me valuable lessons along the way of this challenging and very personal path as a writer. I hope you will take time to review my blog and pick up some helpful information along the way.

Good luck in all your projects and I will be in touch!

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Welcome 2013!

Good evening, readers and writers!  I have had a hiatus due to work taking a lot of precendence over personal writing projects, but have started off the new year with my short piece, titled “Farmer’s Encounter” as officially published in the West Valley Writer’s group anthology. The book is called “Avondale Inkslingers: an Anthology” and holds both fiction and poetry from many of the group’s members.  My mother finally received the book copy today, and was very pleased, but wanted to read more! I am proud, and have the goal of getting at least one story published every quarter of this year to various science fiction/fantasy forums online.  There is always the opportunity for submissions.  It is just a matter of finding them. 

Good luck to all of you on any writing goals you have set.  Visit me also on Facebook, where you will find many interests shared, particularly on dragons, horses, reading, and music. 

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